About Us

"Perfection Made Possible"

Lüssi Hobbyartikel is the hobby division of Lüssi GmbH.
With this name we have been internationally active on the market since 2006.
On May the 1st 2020, Lüssi GmbH was founded, which, in addition to the hobby sector, also covers Lüssi Professional for the industrial sector.

The core business consists of the development, production and distribution of accessories for the model railway sector, especially for upgrading locomotives and carriages.
In addition, we develop various electronic modules according to customer requirements.
Suitable accessories are also offered as merchandise.

With the foundation of the limited company we have committed ourselves to the future of model railways and have made extensive investments, such as a production facility for the assembly of our printed circuit boards (pick-and-place machine, reflow oven etc.).

Our employees

Irene Gnehm
Managing Director
Stock management, dispatch, administration

Nadine Studer
Bookkeeping, accounting, administration

Rainer Lüssi
Technical Manager
Development and production, answering technical enquiries


Phone: +41 79 922 90 00
eMail:   shop@luessi.ch


Gupfstrasse 15
8344 Bäretswil