You need a special flywheel mass for your model railway locomotive? 

We can manufacture this to your exact specifications.
Just give us the dimensions with a drawing or sketch and we will manufacture the desired brass part for you.

Minimum dimensions: diameter 5mm, length 2.5mm, inner diameter 0.5mm.
Largest diameter 19.5mm (standard), larger diameters up to 100mm possible, but with longer delivery time (approx. 4 to 5 weeks).

Inserts, graduations and bevels possible.

Prices: from 10.- CHF

The prices quoted apply to flywheel masses up to 19.5 x 20mm (D x L) or 15.5 x 30mm (D x L).
For larger dimensions we charge a material surcharge.

Why need a flywheel?
A flywheel stores energy. This energy can be called up when the drive is not providing power. The flywheel mass helps the model locomotive to run longer when the power is interrupted. Furthermore, the flywheel mass ensures smoother running. This is especially noticeable in motors with a 3-pole rotor.
The flywheel mass should be as large as possible in diameter (= higher stored energy).

Example: The flywheel shown is a Form F with the dimensions:

D = 15.93mm
L = 16.23mm
d = 1.5mm
D2 = 12.47mm
T = 3.58mm
D3 = 12.15mm
L2 = 4.0mm

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Flywheel made to measure

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