• Universal Decoder Adapter, 21mtc. Lussi 8079mtc
Universal Decoder Adapter PCB for 21mtc Decoders

The board contains amplifiers for Aux3 and Aux4 (from logic level to approx. 250mA). The board therefor offers direct connection to 6 function outputs.

The size of 34.5 x 20mm allows to place this board directly into the plastic fitting used in many Marklin locos.

As an additional feature this bord offers pads for six SMD resistors, one for every function output. That way it's possible to connect LEDs directly to the board.
No need to have resistors solderd in the wire connections.

Connections on the upper side:
Front light (posibility to add resistor inline)
Rear light (posibility to add resistor inline)
Aux 1
Aux 2
Aux 3 (amplified)
Aux 4 (amplified)
Decoder plus (5x)
Decoder minus
Decoder 5VDC
Track left / Loco chassis
Track right / Pickup shoe (ski)

Connections on the lower side:
Front light through resistor
Rear light through resistor
Aux 1 through resistor
Aux 2 through resistor (2x)
Aux 3 through resistor
Aux 4 through resistor (2x)
Aux 5 direct
Aux 6 direct
Note: The resistors must be mounted individually depending on the LED to be used.
The board is delivered with a total of 16 SMD resistors (size 1206), 4 of each with the values of 1.2kOhm, 1.5kOhm, 3.3kOhm and 5.6kOhm.

The three connections DC+, DC- and 5V can be used for a buffer circuit like the PowerPack

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Universal Decoder Adapter, 21mtc. Lussi 8079mtc

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