• Wire set for decoders. 10 colors, 25cm. Lussi 8003

Specially designed for H0 locomotive conversions: our strand set.

Each 25cm strands in the following colours and cross-sections:

Red, 0.06mm² Decoder lead
Black, 0.06mm² Decoder supply cable
Orange, 0.06mm² Connection motor right
Grey, 0.06mm² Motor connection left
White, 0.03mm² Light front
Yellow, 0.03mm² Light rear
Green, 0.03mm² Function Aux 1
Purple, 0.03mm² Function Aux 2
Brown, 0.03mm² Function Aux x
Blue, 0.03mm² return line functions (DC +), 2 times 25cm

Technical data of the strands:

Colours black, red, orange and grey:

Cross section 0.06 mm², 7xAWG38        
Current load 1.0 A  max.
Outside diameter 0.61 mm    

Colours blue, yellow, white, green, purple and brown:

cross section 0.03 mm², 7xAWG40    
Current load 0.5 A  max.
Outside diameter 0.56 mm

All strands:

Conductor copper, silver-plated    
Insulating material PTFE (Teflon), Temp. range: -60° to +200°C
Nominal voltage max. 250 V

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Wire set for decoders. 10 colors, 25cm. Lussi 8003

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