Digitise analogue locomotive, complete service included
Digitise analogue locomotive: Convert motor to DC (where necessary), replace brushes if necessary, install and parameterise decoder with interface, check/align sliders, replace traction tyres.
Our professional conversion service ensures that your locomotive is digitally ready and runs smoothly.

This service includes
- Disassemble motor *1, clean/degrease all parts, polish commutator, replace brushes if necessary, lubricate with special locomotive oil (B52) or grease, reassemble with parts for DC motor.
- Install and wire decoder interface.
- If desired: install LED light modules (where possible).
- Adjust decoder.
- Check and straighten sliders. If necessary polish or replace.
- Replace traction tyres.
- Clean wheels and oil axles.
- Check lamps and replace if necessary.
- Function test.

Included in the price
- Cleaning agent and lubricant.
- stranded wires
- Small material such as cable ties, shrink tubing, fixing material for interface etc.

Not included in the price
- Decoder (ESU, Zimo or Märklin decoder available)
- Decoder interface (adapter), version depending on locomotive
- Engine parts
- LED light modules
- Sliders
- Brushes
- Bdhesive tyres
- Lamps
- Any necessary spare parts
- Shipping costs

Motor conversion to DC (direct current)
For optimal driving characteristics, it makes sense to convert the motor to DC. You have the choice of the following two options for Märklin locomotives:
- Conversion to high performance drive (HLA) with 5-pole rotor, for best driving characteristics.
- Replacing the field coil with a permanent magnet. This is cheaper, but does not come close to the driving characteristics of the HLA.
On HAG locomotives only the field coil is replaced by a permanent magnet.

Price all-inclusive: 35.- CHF
Price valid for Märklin, Trix and HAG locomotives. Other brands like Roco, Fleischmann, Piko, Hornby etc. on request.

*1 not for encapsulated motors

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Digitise analogue locomotive, Marklin/Trix/HAG. Lussi 1002

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