No more "flying" connectors, that could lead to a short circuit and damage your decoder. This small but fine PCB can be fixed with the attached strong adhesive tape to the chassis of the loco.
Besides, this PCB has two separate connection points for the "DC plus" line of the decoder, making the wiring more comfortable and easy. The large PCB pads make it easy to solder the wires in order to achieve a nice and smart wiring.
Furthermore, the PCB has an further connection point with two connected pad that can be used e.g. for the Aux.2 decoder connection.
This part has been developed out of practical experience for your needs in converting an analogue loco to digital with minimal effort.
Size:             13 x 12 mm
Material:     FR4
Contacts:    gold plated

The decoder adapter 8098 is perfectly suited for digitizing locomotives, especially when space is limited. The circuit board is very small with 12.7 x 12 x 1.6mm and has a self-adhesive backside for easy and secure mounting. The adhesive surface should be thoroughly degreased, for example with a cloth and a little methylated spirit or alcohol.

The adapter is delivered with 10 flexible soldered strands in 9 colours according to NEM standard of 25cm length each. The strands for the power supply of the decoder and the motor have a larger cross-section than the other strands, because a higher current flows here. For Decoder Plus (blue) there are two wires available, because this connection is mostly necessary for the front and rear of the locomotive to connect the lighting.

Technical data of the strands:

Colours black, red, orange and grey:

Cross section 0.06 mm2, 7xAWG38        
Current load 1.0 A    
Outside diameter 0.61 mm    

Colours blue, yellow, white, green and violet:

Cross section 0.03 mm2, 7xAWG40    
Current load 0.5 A    
Outside diameter 0.56 mm

All strands:

Conductor copper, silver-plated    
Insulating material PTFE (Teflon) Temp. range: -60° to +200°C
Nominal voltage max. 250 V

Operating manual 8098

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Decoder interface 8p NEM 652, wired. Lussi 8098

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