The PCB 8110 is used for function decoders, specially designed for switching the lighting in rolling stock by means of a relay via current carrying couplers. The PCB is equipped with a 21 pin MTC socket. All important signals are routed to easily accessible, large solder pads.

The Aux1 output of the decoder switches the relay, that itself switches the current to the couplers on an off. The line used for this current is the main power coming from the pickup shoe, the relay can handle a max. current of 1 A.
In order to protect the couplers against over current this line is protected by a resettable.

The PCB is built with a small foot print of only 31 x 16 mm and is only 6 mm in height (without the decoder attached) and therefor fits into most rolling stock without problems.
You may use any function decoder with a 21MTC interface, such as ESU (54621) or Zimo (MX689).

Wiring principle

The PCB is usually placed in the first carriage, e.g. the driving trailer. The white front lights and red taillights can be connected directly to the PCB. No additional resistors are required when using LED, as the PCB is already fitted with resistors.
All following carriages are then connected via single-pole current carrying couplers.
These carriages need a pickup on the wheels as the second connection for the lighting.
The lighting modules user should be able to handle AC (e.g. digital current from the tracks).

Operation Manual 8110

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Relay-PCB for decoders, for motor-less rolling stock. Lussi 8110

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