• Loco sound decoder 21MTC 'high-end', with mfx, ZIMO MS440C

High-end sound decoder for H0 locomotives, with 21MTC interface.
Protocols: mfx, DCC and MM2. analog AC and DC, RailCom

Function outputs: 4 (front light, rear light, Aux1 and Aux2), together max. 0.8 A
Aux3 to Aux6 can also be configured as amplified outputs in CV 8 (=4) (conversion MS440C to MS440D)
Logic level outputs: 6, Aux3 to Aux8 (Aux7 and Aux8 alternatively to SUSI)
Motor current: 1.2 A (peak current <20 sec: 2.5 A)
Direct energy storage connection (15V) up to 1 Farad at decoder pads (*)
Speaker connection: at 21MTC connector, 3 W at 4 Ω, suitable for speakers with 4 or 8 Ω impedance
Dimensions: 30 x 15 x 4 mm

Zimo locomotive decoders are characterized by excellent motor control and a wide range of configuration options.

The configuration of the decoder can be done with any suitable command station in DCC protocol or conveniently with the update and configuration device MXULFA from Zimo. The MXULFA can also be used to update the firmware.

* The H0 sound decoders MS440 include a circuit for direct energy storage connection of electrolytic capacitors, tantals or supercaps - i.e. without additional components. This circuit ensures optimal (normally current-limited) charging and discharging of the energy storage and is included in the price of the decoder, in contrast to power packs and the like. Auxiliaries, which are needed for non-ZIMO decoders. Furthermore, for connected electrolytic capacitors or supercapacitors, a dielectric strength of 15 V is sufficient, even if the driving voltage is higher (tantals should have a voltage reserve due to their design, i.e. at least 20 V). MS decoders (in contrast to ZIMO MX decoders) do NOT set a limit regarding the capacity, but more than 1 Farad is not very useful.

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Loco sound decoder 21MTC 'high-end', with mfx, ZIMO MS440C

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