The 8191 light module has been specially developed for model railway lighting.

The tiny module has a bright warm white LED on both sides, which illuminate a large area accordingly. A series resistor is already present, as well as a protection diode against wrong polarity. (The diodes will not light up, but will not be damaged).
The PCB is connected to a DC voltage of 6 to 27 V or directly to a decoder output and has dimensions of only 2.4 x 8.5 mm and an overall thickness of 2.5 mm.
The module therefore also fits in places where space is limited, for example as cab lighting, for model houses of all gauges, as platform lighting, etc.
The small module is perfectly suitable as a replacement for incandescent bulbs, for example for the interior lighting of carriages or front lighting of locomotives.

Operating manual 8191

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Sub-micro LED module, warm white. Lussi 8191

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