The light module 8090 has been developed for Märklin locomotives as well as many locomotives of other manufacturers, which are to be converted from incandescent lamps to LEDs.
The circuit board has three white LEDs for the front light and two red LEDs for the rear light. From the white LEDs, the LED on the righthand side can be controlled separately, which can be used for locomotives based on a Swiss model for the Swiss light change.
The LEDs are connected to resistors, so the circuit board can be connected directly to the decoder outputs.
All connections are located on the back of the PCB and are doubled. These can be used as required. The printed circuit board comes with another, smaller printed circuit board. It can be soldered to the light module at a 90° angle (see pictures) and serves as a mounting for the light module, for example by gluing it to the locomotive floor. The connections are thus also led out on this smaller circuit board.
The module has a size of 23 x 7mm and fits therefore in a variety of locomotives.

8090 Connections (Pads):
+         Decoder plus
Lv         White LED, A-Light   *
Lh         Single white  LED bottom right   *
Aux         Red LEDs bottom

Decoder Connections and Wire Colours (according to NEM standard):
Blau  Decoder plus    Return conductor functions
Withe F0 forward        Front light (Lv, F0v)
Yellow    F0 reverse         Rear light (Lh, F0h)
Green     Aux1     Function key 1
Purple    Aux2     Function key 2

* The two connections Lv and Lh are deliberately arranged close together. When the Swiss light change is not used, these connectors can be connected together in order to active all three white LEDs together from one output of the decoder.

Pictures of the Märklin Re 4/4 IV (today Re 446) supplied by Lokwerkstatt-Wedel (

The light module is sold individually, you need two pieces for one locomotive.

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Universal Light module for several Locos. Lussi 8090

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