• ZIMO Decoder Update and Configuration Device, MXULFA

MXULF and MXULFA (the version with display) are more than simple decoder update devices; they are designed more as small digital systems. The tasks include (software expansion level 6):

- Loading of new software versions (software update) from USB stick into ZIMO decoders of all types (locomotive, function, accessory decoders), vehicle with decoder thereby at the "update track",
- Synchronous update for ZIMO accessory decoders of the MX820, MX821 generation installed in the layout
- Loading of sound projects from USB stick into ZIMO sound decoder, vehicle on "update track",
- Fast sound loading (approx. 2 - 3 min instead of 20 - 30 min) via SUSI interface of the decoder,
- Parallel sound loading of several decoders via SUSI interfaces,
- Drive mode and function switching for one address at a time via the MXULF's control elements (scroll wheel, 4 buttons, LEDs) for testing the processed vehicle,
- programming and reading the CVs of the connected decoder or vehicle, writing and checking the load code (CV # 260, ...) for coded sound projects
- All mentioned tasks can also be controlled from the computer; then no USB stick is used, but all data (software update files, sound projects) are transferred via the USB interface (client). On the computer, programs like ZSP (ZIMO), ZCS (Manhart), PfuSch (Sperrer), and others are used.

MXULFA can be used as a low cost workshop system, in many aspects it is even applicable for third party decoders (of course not regarding software update and sound loading)

Operating and display elements of MXULFA: 4 buttons, 1 scroll wheel, and 8 bicolor LEDs.
External connections: Screw terminals for power supply, rail (update track), "SUSI" connector, USB (client, to computer), USB (host, for USB stick).

The decoder update device is supplied in two versions: MXULF and MXULFA. The difference is in the display (2 x 16 characters), which is only built into the MXULFA. However, the display is virtually indispensable, especially in driving and programming mode.

The MXULF(A), and thus also the connected vehicle, is supplied by any voltage source (direct current 12 - 20 V, alternating current 10 - 16 V). Therefore, no power supply unit is included in the standard scope of delivery, but is available as an accessory under part number zim_NG40 if required.

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ZIMO Decoder Update and Configuration Device, MXULFA

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